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We are over 12 years clothing professional manufacturer.

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    Founded in 2006

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  • Who we are ?

    - OEM Clothing Manufacturer In China.

  • What we do ?

    - Women Dresses, Blouses & Shirts, Jumpsuits, Bottoms, Sportwear...

  • How we do ?

    - Confirm the type of clothes > Select the matreial > Fabric Inspection > Measure the shrinkage rate > Make a paper pattern > Tailor > Sew > Trim and clean the fibers...

Our Service

Drop Shipping
Drop Shipping
Very fast garments serve process achieve the size specs and workmanship all with high quality for approval.Clothing will delivered directly to your customers.
OEM (Customized)
OEM (Customized)
From garments to custom tags and packaging, get everything you need made under one roof with us.Our multi-disciplinary, all-rounded approach means we take care of the entire supply chain, so that you can save time, money and effort from dealing with multiple clothing manufacturers, and channel them into back into your business. Quis
Small MOQ
Small MOQ
Prevent deadstock, oversupply and wastage of resources with our small MOQ of just 6 designs of 50-100 pieces per design.Lower your inventory risk.With this, you’ll be able to discover as a new brand what works and what doesn’t—all without hurting our planet or incurring huge costs.
ODM (Provide Design Service)
ODM (Provide Design Service)
We practice a collaborative working approach where we regard ourselves as members of your team.Behind you all the way。We’re always here to help, and we’re with you at every step of the way—that means with us, you’ll never be alone through your manufacturing journey. 
About clothing manufacture our have many certificates

We have professional experience in garment production management and have obtained relevant professional certificates


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Latest News
Apparel fabric trend of sports and leisure trend forecast
Oct 11, 2022 Apparel fabric trend of sports and leisure trend forecast
The fast-growing sweatsuits/ tracksuits sportswear sector is constantly enriching itself with a wide range of products. Flexible design blended with convenient functionality is a key factor in the future the more it is.       Everyday beauty + romantic neutrals Comfortable touch and the use of color with the use of extra attention, such as smooth, elegant shimmering satin nylon fabric, delicate and neat lightweight cotton fabric, try to combine with soft yellow, Haruyama blue, by the everyday beauty to highlight the freedom and romance.
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New trend spring 2023
Oct 11, 2022 New trend spring 2023
On October 4, the curtain came down on Paris Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2023. From New York, through London, Milan, to the final Paris, the season's four major fashion weeks are also the very end. Review the complete show. CHANEL: "Last year in Marienbad CHANEL's show at the temporary pavilion of the Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a circular cinema, with clips from the classic film "Last Year at Marienbad" by Alain René showing on the ring screen. CHANEL and this film is quite close, the film's heroine DeFine Selig's costume was created by Coco Chanel, 2018 CHANEL also funded the main film for the 4K digital restoration. This time in the "last year in Marienbad" against the backdrop to show the new series light and gorgeous. Virginie Viejo explores the essence of "glamour", the show does not tell any story clothes are light and comfortable, so that models can take a relaxed and free step. At the same time, the brand's classic tweed, bows, pearls, camellias, perfume number five, stars and other elements appear in large numbers in clothing (dress, blouses, shirts, pants ...) The brand's classic tweed, bows, pearls, camellias, No. 5 perfume, stars and other elements appear on clothing (dress, blouses, shirts, pants...), handbags, jewelry and other videos
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How to choose clothing fabric
Oct 11, 2022 How to choose clothing fabric
In the art of clothing, fabrics have not only use value and practical function, but also aesthetic decorative effect. The development of modern clothing is increasingly relying on the characteristics, style, shaping power and variability of materials to enhance the function of clothing wear and advance the pace of clothing innovation. Want to know how to choose clothing fabrics?   (A) The relationship between fabric and garment design   For fashion designers, their ideas have a practical operation "completion" process. One of the keys to turn the creative effect into a real thing is to choose what kind of fabric to shape. Therefore, fabric is the carrier of design ideas, and is the material basis of clothing. How to choose the material? How to use the material? This has become the focus of more and more designers. Combination of material and creativity, to determine the fabric from the color, texture, finish and finishing, not only to determine the fabric, but also to determine the accessories and accessory materials. Accessories for garments can be divided into lining materials, padding materials, lining materials, wadding fillers, fastening materials, sewing thread, decorative materials, etc. As a clothing designer what materials to choose to combine with creativity, how to combine fabrics and accessories, is an important aspect of clothing design. Accessories for clothing and accessories are colorful and diverse raw materials. Ancient man made clothes and accessories from bark, leaves, fur of wild animals, feathers of birds and fowl, shells, animal bones, jade and so on. Later, cotton, silk, brocade, woolen fabrics, linen, velvet and lace, spike bands, small glass beads, small round metal pieces, gold and silver jewelry, etc. were used. Artificial silk, nylon, artificial leather, artificial wool, etc. are only developed in recent times, and have now become the main fabrics of human clothing. With the continuous innovation of materials, materials to a large extent bring more room for expansion in clothing design, becoming an important factor and breakthrough point for innovative changes in clothing design. (B) The choice of fabric   A perfect garment, the choice of its fabric is crucial. Among them, the material of the fabric is an important basis for fabric selection, which is a comprehensive reflection of the texture, color and touch of the raw material. For example, silk, brocade has a bright color, glossy, soft characteristics, giving people a sense of luxury, opulence, they are the most common fabrics in the palace noble clothing in ancient times. Linen, cotton, felt, coarse plush, etc. give people a simple feeling. Dark woolen fabrics make people feel stable and generous, and are the common clothing fabrics for British gentlemen. In the clothing design, the fabric is the first important factor to consider, it must be compatible with the person's age, economic conditions (price), character, cultural upbringing, occupation, living in the geographical environment and climatic conditions.
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1 Fall And Winter fashion style to get you through the cold season
Nov 10, 2022 1 Fall And Winter fashion style to get you through the cold season
The Sweater-lined Although the fashion industry has been exploring the relationship between sweaters and fashion styles for several seasons, sweaters are still closely associated with fall and winter clothing. If you're looking for something that keeps you warm without being too bulky, a sweater lined with a hoodie might be the perfect choice. Unlike regular clothes, a sweater lined top will ensure you stay warm even on the coldest of days. Also, if you want to add texture to your winter outfit, sweater liners are a great choice. A plain coat with a trendy sweater lining can look too casual, while a sweater lined coat will allow you to add a lively touch to the outfit without losing a sense of style.
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Fall And Winter style trends
Nov 11, 2022 Fall And Winter style trends
Fall And Winter style trends Autumn and winter styles, wear clothing to women's coats, down jackets, windbreakers, thermal vests and other categories grow faster, durable, matching jeans with the changing trend of The Times and change. In addition to keeping warm, we women also need to be soft, comfortable and easy to wear. Cocoon-silhouetted bomber jackets, warm fluffy plush coats, easy-to-wear bathrobe-like quilted cotton jackets, loose wool with delicate details. Outerwear, low-rise/tooling/bright jeans are our seasonal demand for autumn and winter. In terms of fabrics and materials, bomber jackets are usually made of classic fabrics such as nylon, quilted or plush. Plush coat is usually a soft, fluffy, textured fabric made of wool, artificial fiber and wool-like materials; Quilted fabric similar to duvet style can be used for cotton clothing, or try gloss fabric; Soft brushed wool or blends are recommended for loose coats in neutral tones.  
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